Fingerhut and Hoppe Families

My Grandparents, Harlan and Lucille Foye, took over the Badger Valley Farm in Sauk County, Wisconsin after Harlan's father, George, passed away in 1933.  Harlan grew up on the Badger Valley Farm.  This farm was in a valley of Troy Township.  Lucille grew up on a farm in the adjacent valley of Spring Green Township.  Harlan's ancestors, John and Mary Foye, were Canadian immigrants that came to Wisconsin in 1850 and settled in Dane County in 1854. 

Lucille Foye's parents were Samuel and Blanche Fingerhut.  Blanche's maiden name was Hoppe.  Samuel and Blanche both grew up on their respective family farms which were in adjacent valleys in Sauk County too.  Samuel grew up in Spring Green Township and Blanche grew up in Troy Township not far from the Badger Valley Farm.  They married and started their own farm in Spring Green Township.  The 1910, 1920 and 1930 Federal Census for Spring Green Township, Sauk County, Wisconsin shows the Samuel and Blanche family growing in size over these years.  

The Fingerhut's and Hoppe's were German and Prussian immigrants, respectively, that settled in Sauk County by the mid 1860's.  They passed on the family farm from one generation to the next.  These Germanic immigrant farmers were part of the post statehood settlement of Wisconsin as opposed to our earlier Foye  Canadian immigrants.  All of these pioneers and their sons spent many hard years clearing the virgin lands to make highly productive dairy farms in the new state that became renowned for its dairy products, especially the cheeses from this part of the state.

More about the Fingerhut's

Samuel and Blanche's children in addition to Lucille were Orlen, Everett, Lucille, Russel, Evelyn, Bernice, Harlan, Margret, Marvin, Lorraine, Viola and Wayne.  Three of the brothers drowned while hunting on the Mississippi River.  Most of the Samuel and Blanche family are buried in the cemetery in the Village of Black Hawk, Sauk County, Wisconsin.  Samuel's parents were Henry and Marie Fingerhut.  Marie's maiden name was Muetze.  Both of Sammuel's parents were born in Germany.  They came to the United States in 1860.  They started farming a small parcel of wild land in Spring Green Township, Sauk County.  Henry and Marie operated this farm while raising eleven other children:  Henry Jr., Edward, Lewis, Albert, William, August, Otto, Robert, Carl, Samuel, Ida and Arthur.  Only one daughter!  Marie died first and Henry retired to a house in the Village of Black Hawk.  Both are buried at the cemetery of that town. 

More about the Hoppe's

Banche's parents were Robert and Clara Hoppe.  Clara's maiden name was Braun.  Robert's parents were Ferdinand and Henrietta Hoppe.  Both of Blanche's parents were born in Prussia.  Ferdinand and Robert operated farms in Troy Township.  Robert and Blanche raised three other children in addition to Blanche: Clarrie, Beulah and Hazel (1900 Federal Census).  Both of these generations of Hoppe's are buried at the Village of Black Hawk Cemetery.

Figure 8.  Three generations of mothers from back to front:
Blanche Fingerhut (Hoppe), Lucille Foye (Fingerhut),
Shirley Coffey (Foye) with Shirley Coffey's First Five Children
(circa 1961 at Richland Center, Wis.)

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