The Wisconsin Foye Pioneers

Great Grandparents - George and Annie Foye

Harlanís father, my Great Grandfather, was George Leander Foye.  George was born to Milton and Melissa Foye in 1875.  He grew up on a farm in Christiana Township, Dane County, Wisconsin. 

George met and married his first wife, Lena Fredericeo Ceimeil (spelling ?) in 1895.  Lena was born in Berry Township, Dane County, Wisconsin.  George and Lena appear without any children in the 1900 Federal Census for Berry Township, Dane County, Wisconsin.  We do not know at this time what happened to Lena for George re-married.  We assume that she died prematurely.  We find only George in the 1910 Federal Census for Arena Township, Iowa County, Wisconsin listed as a partner of the farm household of Elmer and Nevada Hothman.   

In about 1912, George married Anna May Bills or Annie.  George and Annie married in Iowa County, Wisconsin.  Annie's parents were Cory Deloss Bills and Susan Arnet Emery.  The Bills family was originally from Pennsylvania before settling on a farm in Dane County, Wisconsin.     

George and Annie started to raise their family of four children on a farm in Iowa County.  The other children besides my Grandfather in order of age were: Lillian, Dorthy and George Jr..  The last son was known as Hauns.  The young George Foye family soon purchased and moved from Iowa County to the Badger Valley Farm in Troy Township, Sauk County, Wisconsin.   According to the 1920 Federal Census for Troy Township, Sauk County, George his wife Anna, his son Harlan at age seven and the other three children were living at the Badger Valley Farm.  

George died in 1933 while operating the Badger Valley Farm with his sons.  He is buried at the Cassell Cemetery south of Highway 60 east of Spring Green, Sauk County, Wisconsin.  The view to the south from the gate of this cemetery is a vast sand prairie in the upper floodplain of the Wisconsin River.  Annie later remarried Alvin Hayes.  Annie died in 1955.  Annie is buried next to George.  Her tombstone reads Annie Foye Hayes.

Figure 6.  Occupants of Badger Valley Farm from left to right:
Harlan Foye, Alvin Hayes, Shirley Foye and Annie Bills (circa 1951).  

Great Great Grandparents Milton and Melissa Foye

Georgeís father, my Great Great Grandfather, was Milton Foye.  Milton was born in 1848 on a farm near Montreal,
Quebec Province, Canada.  Miltonís parents were John and Mary Foye.  Milton came to the United States with his parents when is was two years old.  Milton grew up on his parents farmstead located in Springdale Township, Dane County.  He eventually met and married Melissa Patience Stevens in 1867.  Melissa's parents were Leander M. Stevens (or Stepha/ens) and Julia Ann Rose of Primrose Township, Dane County, Wisconsin.  The Federal Censuses for Springdale Township and Primrose Township , Dane Co., Wisconsin shows Milton (age 12) and Melissa (age 9), respectively, with their families.

Figure 7.  1850 Federal Census records of the John Foye
household for Wisconsin which shows Milton
at age 2 along with all of his siblings.

Milton and Melissa started operating their own farm in the Primrose Township of Dane County, Wisconsin.  The 1870 Federal Census for Primrose Township, Dane County, Wisconsin shows the Milton Family household with a total of four members including himself, his wife and two of Georgeís older sisters for my Great Grandfather, George Leander Foye, was not born yet.

Milton and Melissa next moved their family to a farm in Christiana Township, Dane County, Wisconsin.  This is were my Grandfather, George, was born and grew up. 
According to the 1880 Federal Census for Christiana Township, Dane County, Wisconsin, George at age five, three other brothers, two sisters, an aunt, his mother Melissa and his father Milton were all living in this farm household.

Milton and Melissa relocated to Howard County, Forest Township, Iowa near the Minnesota border for a number of years apparently to be near his brother Alonzo (1895 Iowa Census and 1900 Federal Census).  They eventually moved back to the City of Madison in Dane County, Wisconsin.  They took up residence at 441 North Few Street.  Milton spent his later years as a street car motorman in the city according to his occupation description on his death certificate. 

Milton died in 1905 while living in Madison.  Milton is buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery near the Village of Black Earth, Black Earth Township, Dane County, Wisconsin.  Melissa died in 1922.  Melissa is buried next to Milton.  The Masonic Temple freemason's symbol is inscribed on their grave monument.

More about the Stephens

Melissa's parents, Leander and Julia were originally from New York (see 1850 Federal Census for Tioga Township, Barton County, New York).   Leander was born in 1824 at Ithaca, New York.  He died at Black Earth Township, Dane County, Wisconsin.  His parents were George Stephens (1792 - 1880 Wisconsin) and Patience Milks (1809 New York - ?).  Leander's father, George Stephens, moved from New York to live with the Leander family in Dane County where he died in 1880. The Stephens genealogy has been traced back to the year of 1497 with the birth of Henry Stephens at Gloucestershire Co., England.  The Stephens' ancestors immigrated to Massachusetts in the late 1500's to early 1600's.  Patience Milks parents were Ezra Milks (1781 New York - 1847 Juda Township, Green County, Wisconsin) and Patience David Milks (maiden name unknown) (1758 - 1845 New York).  The Milk's genealogy has been traced back to the year 1614 in England.  The Milk's ancestors immigrated to Massachusetts during the mid 1600's.   

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