Morrison and Kempffer Families

The Morrison's

My Great Great Great Grandparents were John and Mary Foye.  They immigrated from Quebec, Canada to Wisconsin in about 1849.  Mary Foye's maiden name was Mary Jane Morrison.  She was born in 1800 to Hector Morrison and Anne Lane of New Carlisle, Quebec, Canada.  Hector was born in 1748 at New Carlisle and died in 1823 at New Carlisle.  His father's name was Peter Morrison.  Anne Lane was born in 1775 in France and died 1845.  Her parents were John Lane (1738-1831) and Ann Cunningham (1749-?).  Mary was married to Henry Richard Kempffer in 1818 at New Carlisle.  Two of the sons of Mary and Henry Kempffer were Robert Henry (born 1821) and James Morrison (1825).

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The Kempffer's

Henry was born in 1798 to Fredrick Ludwig Kempffer and Elizabeth Caldwell of New Carlisle, Quebec, Canada.  Henry died in 1832 while Mary was pregnant Henrietta.  Fredrick was born in 1739 in Germany and died in 1797 at New Carlisle.  Fredrick parents were Johann Kempfer and Johanna Petronela Hultzheimer.  Elizabeth was born in 1767 and died in 1832 at New Carlisle.  Elizebeth's parents were Robert Caldwell (1740 Ireland - 1850 New Carlisle) and Sarah Todd.       


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